Government Contract Pricing

A timely response that is compliant, persuasive and competitive is essential in winning additional government contracts.  Govcon Accountants provides DCAA compliant pricing and estimating services.  Our team of proposal experts assist you in effectively pricing your government contract bids to win more contracts.
Contracting officers are required to award contracts at "fair and reasonable" prices.  While this sounds clear, it presents an enormous challenge to government contractors, who must establish and support their proposed prices in a manner that enables the government to make a determination of price reasonableness.

Our Approach

We offer a practical approach to establishing and evaluating prices for government contracts.

  • Indirect rate computation and analysis
  • Market-based pricing
  • Cost-based pricing
  • Developing cost templates
  • Contract type and risk analysis
  • Managing the cost/price volume of your response
  • Cost or Pricing Data
  • Equitable adjustments
  • Providing cost narratives
  • Evaluating contract changes and delays
  • Price to Win strategies
  • Pricing termination settlements

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