Govcon Cloud Services


Welcome to Govcon Cloud Services, providing secure collaboration for companies that use Quickbooks Desktop. Your team will be able to work from anywhere, anytime.

You will have Quickbooks Desktop, in the cloud. Quickbooks Desktop is a more powerful, faster version of Quickbooks Online. Quickbooks Desktop runs on Microsoft’s Windows operating system.

Many companies quickly outgrow Quickbooks Online, and need the power of Quickbooks Desktop, but are reluctant to give up the convenience of online computing, and are not interested in standing up their own internal network with the headaches and expense involved to install Quickbooks Desktop. Govcon Cloud Services provides an excellent solution for government contractors using Quickbooks Desktop.

Govcon Cloud Services is a custom hosting solution for Quickbooks Desktop. Connect your version of Quickbooks Desktop to over 150 accounting and business applications available at Govcon Cloud Services. Always have access to Quickbooks Desktop and your favorite Microsoft Office applications on any device. Connect to any cloud storage vendor, like Dropbox, Box, Google Drive or OneDrive, and use your Govcon Cloud Services account as your complete IT network. We take care of firewalls, backups, hardware and software upgrades.

No more IT headaches.

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