Managed Accounting Services


DCAA Compliant Bookkeeping

Govcon Accountants provides DCAA Compliant Bookkeeping tailored to meet the needs of government contractors who must maintain DCAA compliance.  We are government contracting experts and we'll keep your books only one way, DCAA compliant.

  • 100% success rate with DCAA

  • Licensed Certified Public Accountant (CPA)

  • 100% digital and paperless solution

  • Triple level of support assigned to your account

  • Monthly closes and financial statements

  • 100% coverage of all accounting functions

  • Payroll, employee benefits and HR administration

  • No long-term contracts

  • No hourly fees

Flat Rate Pricing

Our services are priced based on your business volume, and not by the hour.  You will always know what to expect in terms of our fixed rate pricing.  No surprises.

A Comprehensive Service

  • Web-based DCAA Compliant Time and Expense

  • Automated Billing Service

  • Interface with any Payroll Service

  • Digital Cloud-based Accounts Payable Service

  • 24/7 Online Access

  • Custom Financial Reporting

  • Indirect Rate Calculation and Allocations

  • Monthly Closes reviewed by a CPA

Free Your Time to Focus on Your Business

Your time is too valuable to waste on back-office processes such as entering accounting data into a system.  Even managing an in-house bookkeeper will drain more time than you can imagine.  Your time is your most valuable asset; invest it wisely.

Best-in Class Technology

Our accounting system is fully integrated with a web-based DCAA compliant time and expense system, a digital cloud-based accounts payable system, any payroll service available, and an indirect rate and allocation tool.  This high-level of system integration allows us to efficiently obtain DCAA compliance.

Achieve Cost Savings with Greater Efficiency

Our DCAA Compliant Bookkeeping service is designed to process data as quickly and efficiently as possible, through the use of integrated software and a standard work flow.  We provide DCAA compliance for much less than what it would cost you to hire qualified accountants with DCAA knowledge, and put into place a comparably integrated, DCAA compliant accounting system. 

Obtain DCAA Compliance and Expertise Immediately

DCAA compliance can be switched on, immediately, with our DCAA Compliant Bookkeeping.  Our system passes DCAA audits without a single deficiency.  We have all the right tools, accounting systems, a DCAA compliant time and expense system, fully documented processes, internal controls, and policy manuals required by DCAA, already developed and in full operation, just waiting for you.  Don't waste your valuable time and resources reinventing this wheel.

Reduce Your Stress Level

A business owner often experiences a level of stress that is often compared to other high-stress occupations, such as combat personnel, law enforcement or professional athletes.  One major cause of stress in the life of a business owner is finances.  By engaging our DCAA Compliant Bookkeeping service, your stress level as it relates to finances will be dialed down quite a few notches. Redirect your new found time and energy into building your business.

Financial Clarity for Decision Making

Our custom reporting package, designed in collaboration with you to understand your requirements, will be delivered early in the month, allowing you to make financial decisions based on the facts, and before it is too late.  In addition to the standard income statement and balance sheet, you will receive profit and loss statements by project, so you know exactly the current performance on all your projects.  You will also receive a monthly indirect expense report detailing your operating expenses and your current indirect rates.  You will always know your actual fringe, overhead, and g&a rates in real-time, and use this knowledge to manage your business and bid on new work.

The Highest Level of Data Security

Your data and records are secure with nightly automated back-ups at Right Networks, our hosting partner and an Intuit-certified hosting solution for Quickbooks.  With Right Networks, your data is kept in top-of-the-line data centers that include full-time security personnel, closed-circuit video surveillance, bio-metric bone-scanning identification verification systems, continuous and redundant power systems with back-up generators, fully redundant networks with multiple backbone access, advanced network firewalls, smoke detection and fire suppression systems, and flood detection and avoidance systems.




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