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The System User Details screen is where you set granular controls over your System Users. Certain global permissions for System Users that are broadly associated with Roles are set in the System User Role Details screen, such as access to screens and reports, which provide Role-Based Access Control.

The System User Details screen provides further refinement to how your System Users will access GovBooks. Two additional levels of access can be assigned to a System User.

Full Access or View-Only

First, you can control the level of access to any screen in GovBooks that has been assigned to a System User by way of the Role assignment. For instance, a Role of “Accountant” may give a System User access to a certain defined, set of screens.

You can further limit access, based on the individual System User, to either Full Access or View-Only Access of any screen that is made available from the Role that is assigned to the System User. For instance, you may want the Accounting Manager to have “View-Only Access” to the Indirect Setup Screen so that the Accounting Manager can view the indirect rates but not change them. You may instead set up the Controller to change the indirect rates with Full Access.

This is an extremely powerful feature that transforms QuickBooks into a true enterprise system.

Project Access

Second, you can control which Projects the System User can access. GovBooks allows you to put in another layer of control by selecting which Projects can be viewed by a System User. You can fine tune access (1) by screen (2) full access or view-only (3) by Project.

System User

Start by selecting the System User. You will see the First Name, Last Name and Email.

First Name and Last Name

The First Name and Last Name should display and may be edited. You cannot edit the Email. If a System User’s email changes, simply set up a new System User and inactivate the old System User. GovBooks uses unique email addresses.


The Status field allows you to set the System User’s status as either “Active” or “Inactive”. If set to “Inactive”, the System Use will no longer be available for selection in other screens.


Click the “Save” button to save any changes.

Reset Password

If you need to manually reset the System User’s password, you may do so by clicking the “Reset Password” button.


You will also be able to view, change and remove the Role associated with the System User. Click on the “Change Role” button to select a different role for the System User. Click on the “Remove” button to disassociate the System User from any Role. To view the System User Role Details, click on the link under the Role heading.

Level of Permission Access

The second section of the System User Details screen allows you to assign the extent of access to a Permission. The Permissions are assigned in the System User Role Details screen and therefore are Role-Based Permission Access . If you need a more granular setup than your current Roles offer, consider creating a new Role which are unlimited in number and can be customized for even a single System User.

Full Access or View only

For each Permission, select whether the System User has Full Access or View Only. Full Access allows the System User to create, edit and delete a record. View Only allows a System User to only view the record.

If you do not want a System User to view a record, you can create a new custom Role in the System User Role Setup screen, and remove the Permission to the screen or project when you set up the new Role.

Project Access

In the third section of the System User Details screen, you will be able to select which Projects the System User can view on Reports. If a Project has not been selected in this screen, the System User will not be able to view any Reports that contain data from the Project. The following Reports will not display if the Project has not been assigned to the System User:

  • Project Status Report

  • Project Status Report By WBS

  • Project Status Report By OBS

  • Project Budget Report

  • Item Budget Report

  • Contract Status Report

  • Contract Status Report By WBS

  • Contract Status Report By OBS

  • Contract Funding Report

Project Name

Beneath the Project Name heading you will see the Projects that have been associated with the System User.


If you would like to remove a Project from a System User, you may click on the associated “Remove” button.

Add Project To System User

To add a Project to a System User, first select the Customer Name, and then the Contract Name. A list of Projects that are associated with the Customer and Contract will become available for selection. When you have selected the Project to be added, click the “Add Project” button.

Add All Projects

If you would like to add all Projects to the System User, click the “Add All Projects” button.

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