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What is a GovBooks Demo?

A GovBooks Demo is a private, 30-minute screen sharing session conducted by Mark Vieno, CPA, the owner of Govcon Accountants and the designer of GovBooks. This is not a webinar and no other companies will be attending. Your GovBooks Demo will focus 100% on your needs and requirements. The GovBooks Demo is free and there is no obligation or pressure to subscribe. If you are interested in learning more after the GovBooks Demo, we will send a GovBooks Proposal to allow you to continue your evaluation. Please see “How To Subscribe” to learn more.

How to Request a GovBooks Demo

  • Call Mark Vieno, CPA at 571-267-5691

  • Send Mark Vieno, CPA an email at

  • Schedule now by clicking the button below and select “Free 30-Minute GovBooks Demo with Mark Vieno, CPA “

  • Complete the form below and we’ll call you back to schedule a demo.

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