The Indirect Rate Setup screen will allow you to enter your indirect rates which will be used to run various reports. You may enter historical rates from previous fiscal years as well as budgeted rates. This screen, however, does not compute your actual indirect rates, which are computed in the Indirect Rate Expense Report screen. In fact, you may enter an actual rate here which differs from what you computed in the Indirect Rate Expense Report screen.

First, ensure that you have created your indirect pool(s) in the Pool Setup Wizard. Only the indirect pools created in the Pool Setup Wizard will be available for selection on this screen. Next, click on the button “Add New Rate” select the “Active” status. Select the “Fiscal Year” to which the percentage rate will apply. Then, select the “Indirect Pool”. Enter the indirect rate to be used when running your reports. In the “Budget Pct” column, enter the indirect rate to use when running your budget reports.

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