How to Subscribe


We are very excited you have found this page, which means that you are interested in learning more about GovBooks and possibly subscribing if you determine that GovBooks is right for you. The best way to do this is to attend a GovBooks Demo. To learn about our policy on a Free Trial, please click here.

Step 1: attend a GovBooks Demo

In order to subscribe to GovBooks, we request that you first attend a 30-minute GovBooks Demo of the system so that you can evaluate whether GovBooks is right for you. The GovBooks Demo is conducted through a screen sharing session and more than one person from your company may attend. It is a private demo so only your company will be attending to allow you to ask any questions that pertain to your company.

Step 2: Obtain a GovBooks proposal

After attending the GovBooks Demo, if you are interested in learning more about GovBooks, we will send a GovBooks Proposal for you to evaluate. The GovBooks Proposal will provide detailed information about your subscription, pricing and the implementation project. Our pricing is transparent with no hidden fees or surprises and is fully disclosed on our website by clicking here.

Step 3: Execute the GovBooks Proposal

If you are ready to subscribe, you will execute the GovBooks Proposal. We will send an invoice for the Implementation Project and request your credit/debit card information for the monthly subscription. Once payment is received, we’ll schedule the Kick-off Meeting.

Step 4: attend A govbooks Kick-off Meeting

To get started, we’ll schedule a kick-off meeting to plan the Implementation Project. We’ll ensure that you are able to login to GovBooks and set up your System Users. We will provide you with an Implementation Project Plan and a Request List of items we will need.

Waiting List Policy

Each GovBooks implementation is unique and we spend a lot of time and resources ensuring that your GovBooks setup is customized for your company. Due to the demand for GovBooks, and the need to schedule implementations in advance, we have a Waiting List. To be placed on the Waiting List, with no obligation whatsoever, you will first need to attend a GovBooks Demo. Once you attend the no-obligation GovBooks Demo, you are placed on the Waiting List. If your turn arrives on the Waiting List and you have not executed the GovBooks Proposal, we’ll contact you just in case you are ready to go forward and ask that you execute the GovBooks Proposal. If you are not ready at that time, no problem, we can either move you to the end of the Waiting List or if you request, we’ll remove you from the Waiting List altogether. It is best to attend the GovBooks Demo as soon as possible so you are entered into the Waiting List as soon as possible.

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