Facility Pools

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A facility pool may be used to allocate facility costs to other indirect pools. This can be helpful if your company has a facility that is used by more than one department of function. For instance, you may have administrative employees working in the same facility as direct contract employees, and certain facility expenses are shared between these two departments. Rather than creating duplicate general ledger accounts for expenses such as rent and utilities for each indirect pool, you may create one general ledger account in a facility pool and then allocate the total facility pool expense to the other indirect pools, in this case, to the G&A pool and the overhead pool.

Common allocation methods include square footage, head count, labor costs and labor hours. You may set up your facility allocation in the Facility Pool Setup screen. But first you will need to create a facility pool in the Pool Setup Wizard.

In the Pool Setup Wizard, you may select the “Facility Pools” tab and select “Yes” to the question, “Is there a facility expense pool that is allocated to other direct pools?” This will open an additional window where you will be able to enter more information.

Enter the short title, then long title, and an optional description for the pool. If you have a second facility pool, click “Yes” to the question, “Is there a second facility expense pool that is allocated to other indirect pools?”. You will be able to create as many as 10 facility pools.

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