Client Testimonials


“Wanted to leave a note and just let you know how awesome your company has been for us.  You guys are an absolute hammer and have done an amazing job of getting us into compliance and fixing our systems.  You have been great for us and looking forward to continue working with you and the rest of the team! Thanks for all the help and please let everyone know your efforts are really appreciated! Your company has relieved me of so much stress!” - W.H.

amazing job!

"Your team did an amazing job setting up and training me. Frankly, although I've been on the user end of these systems, seeing them in action impressed me with their complexity." - A.F.

excellent and responsive support!

"Just want to let you know that your team has been providing excellent and responsive support.The effort to stand up and configure all my infrastructure support systems (Spring Ahead,, Zenefits) and processing very involved SBA applications (SDVOSB and 8a), they have been very helpful, patient and responsive to both mine and my employee’s needs. Your team has been very instrumental in the success of my transition to a growing company.  I fully anticipate additional growing pains but feel very confident you and your staff will help me solve and overcome them. My thanks and gratitude to your company’s superb support." - G.G.

You ought to receive an award for this!

"We finally received from DCMA that our accounting system is in good standing. To Mr. Vieno,  you ought to receive an award for this.  Thank you!" - D.C.

did you set a new record?

"That was magnificent. Did you set a new record for a DCAA audit? By my count you clocked in at 1 hour and 8 minutes. Many thanks to you and your staff, and the whole GovCon team for preparing our little company for this event." - C.M.

Worth every penny!

"Wanted to pass along my thanks again.  Just completed the DCAA audit and they were much impressed with the improvements that were made to the system.   Took about an hour and a half to give them everything they needed".  - J.P. 

hats off!

“You guys have been a stable and reliable partner through the years so hats off as we grow”. - J.B.

you have been great!

“Just keep doing what you’re doing!” - L.F.

Heroic effort!

"I want to thank you for the above and beyond support to an event that is very important to our growth.  We obviously couldn't have gotten this all done without a heroic effort.  
Thanks again." - E.M.

you guys really rock!

You guys really rock, there is no way we would be able to do this without you. You’ve done an excellent job in creating a system. Your team goes above and beyond my expectations on a weekly basis and all I have to say is keep doing what you’re doing!" - N.S.

passed with flying colors!

"The auditor and his supervisor just called me for the exit interview. She stated We passed “with flying colors”! This is great news - thanks for all you are doing for us!" - L.C.

You are a trusted partner!

"Please know how much we appreciate the fantastic work that you and your team do for us.  You are a trusted partner and we intend to sustain and enrich that partnership for a long time to come." - E.E.

Always quick to respond!

" Govcon is indeed working great for me.  You are always quick to respond and get the monthly processing completed." - B.M.


"Your entire team has been great in helping get everything transitioned and setup from the start." - K.S.

we are in good hands!

"I have really enjoyed working with Govcon. I have found you all to be professional and you have become much more than a third party supplier. I know we are in good hands with Govcon." - C.C.


"You guys have been fantastic in supporting us this year and we are grateful for all of your help!" - J.A.

Helped Tremendously!

"I wanted to follow up to our budget discussion and say, thank you, because it has helped tremendously to see all our expense lined up the way you presented the information. It really helped us make some good decisions." - D.B.

Thanks for all of the hard work!

"We received notice from DCAA that our accounting system is acceptable with DFARS and approved. Thanks to you and your team for all of the hard work to make that happen." - B.W.

A Good Foundation!

"We appreciate so much for the great information and materials that you have provided! It has helped me and my company so much on setting up a good foundation for our accounting system to be complied with DCAA. The quick response and answers to all my emails are a plus for a professional like you! Thanks again!" - S.T.

Great System!

"We passed!   Thanks for the setup help.   Great system." - S.R.

A true professional!

"Great job with the DCAA audit. You are a true professional, I am submitting you name to the Hall of Fame!" - D.K.

A huge thanks to you!

"Our audit took 3 ½ hours today, but went very well!!!! A HUGE thanks to you!—and your system!!! She is recommending that we “Pass”!!!! - L.M.


“From my perspective, Govcon is fantastic.” - S.H.

wonderful services!

"I really enjoyed working with you and your staff – the customer service was excellent! Thank you for the wonderful services provided to us!" - S.W.

Awesome news!

"This is awesome news.  Just wanted to thank you for all your support to help us get DCAA approval.  We look forward to have your continued support to keep us straight and in compliance." - S.V.

It was a pleasure!

"We are pleased to announce that we are DCAA compliant! Thank you to Mark Vieno, MBA, CPA and his team for making this happen in such a short period. It was a pleasure working with you." - M.K.

A Big Thanks to you!

"Great news! We have been awarded the SBIR Phase II contract with NAVSEA! And a big THANKS to you and all of your help during these previous months and sessions!" - L.M.

Thanks again for your help!

"DCAA approved our rates for 2011 and 2012 with a virtual desk audit.   No changes to rates! We now have closed rates through 2012.   Thanks again for your help with these submissions and system changes." - S.R.

Great work!

"This is a momentous occasion and we should savor it!!!" - M.H.

My sincere thanks!

"Very good news from DCAA!  My sincere thanks for getting this done so well." - J.W.

Steadfast support!

"Thanks to everyone for their steadfast support in helping us achieve this major milestone.  It was truly a team effort and amazing accomplishment for a newly formed small company.  Well done and thanks again". - R.V.

Big Thanks!

"Thanks for all the help today and over the last weeks and months.  Certainly a lot of art in making QuickBooks produce the products needed for CPFF". - M.W.

Managed it all superbly!

"I was impressed with the speed and agility you demonstrated.  What a minefield setting up QB by myself would have been!  And you managed it all superbly.  Thank you again.  I’m so happy I can’t wait to go in and play!" - K.K.

Thanks, Again!

"DCAA assessed my Incurred Cost Proposal as: -- "Adequate" And -- "Low risk". I have a "Post Award Audit" later in the Spring.  That was initiated, however, by my request to change to internet based timesheet.  So I am actually looking forward to the audit so I can remain in good favor with DCAA. So thanks again for all you have done to help me achieve these milestones." - M.W.

Thank you for your service!

"Just want to thank you for your service! The DCAA compliant material that you provided on line at no cost is so helpful! Now that we passed our audit last month, and I just want to give credit to you and Govcon Accountants LLC." - S.T.

Awesome job!

"Good morning guys!  We finally received a copy of the DCAA Audit report which is attached here. Awesome job Mark and thank you both for your continued support!! Thank you so much for all that you do!" - S.R.

Very helpful!

"I thought you would be interested in reading the auditor's response and determination.  No doubt the letter you drafted was very helpful including your certification.  There is really not much more they could ask of us.  Thank you very much for the help you gave us." - D.C.

Thank very much for all your help!

"We will be in touch soon regarding the  provisional billing rates process.  All the best!" - B.P.

Very Impressed!

"We were with you and your approach. Thank you so much for helping us!" - M.F.

Your Quick Response!

"I thank you personally for your quick response and taking care of this audit quickly. I really appreciate your help." - G.K.

Huge help!

"I wanted to give you a quick update on the WAWF.  Mark and I worked on it yesterday and early this morning. Mark has been a huge help. Mark is attempting to make contact with the COR today." - C.C.

Appreciate all the hard work!

"Nice work everyone!  So I think I owe a few rounds.  I appreciate all the hard work.  Thank you!" -E.M.

Great Session!

"Great Session! Looking forward to the next one." -D.M.

I learned quite a bit!

"Thanks for a great session today.  I learned quite a bit." -M.W.

Thank you for everything!

"I will refer you to all of my other small business friends to your services." -J.A.

Wealth of Knowledge

"Mark you are a wealth of knowledge and we count on you to keep us in line. Thanks for the quick response." -C.C.

Thanks for all your help!

"We just passed the DCAA audit.  Just thought you might want to know.  Thanks for all your help." - A.C

We Passed!!!

"We Passed!!! Thanks for all your help!" - R.B.

Thank you so much!

"We passed our Audit!! Actually just received the news on this yesterday; thank you so much for all the help!!" - D.B.


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