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Many federal contracts require that you submit invoices, track costs, and record funding by CLIN (contract line item number). However, not all federal contracts have this requirement and many federal subcontracts do not require CLINs. GovBooks allows you to indicate on a contract-by-contract basis whether a contract requires a CLIN setup in the Contract Setup screen.

If your contract requires a CLIN setup, in the CLIN Setup screen, select the Customer Name and then the Contract Name. You will only be able to select those contracts that have been designed as requiring a CLIN setup in the Contract Setup screen. If you do not see your contract, return to the Contract Setup screen and designate that the contract requires a CLIN setup.

Indicate whether you have a Contract Modification associated with the CLIN that you are setting up. If you do, this feature will allow you to associate the CLIN with a Contract Modification. You may then select the modification number that was set up in the Contract Modification screen.

Select whether the set up is for a CLIN or Sub-CLIN. GovBooks allows you to set up both types. If it is a Sub-CLIN, you will need to select the Associated CLIN. For instance, the CLIN may be CLIN 1000 and the Sub-CLIN may be Sub-CLIN 1000-001 in which case you would associate Sub-CLIN 1000-001 with CLIN 1000. To set up a Sub-CLIN, you will need to first set up the Associated CLIN. Enter in the CLIN or Sub-CLIN Number and CLIN or Sub-CLIN Title. The CLIN or Sub-CLIN Type should be entered along with any notes.

Enter the Units for the CLIN or Sub-CLIN, the Unit Price, the Quantity Awarded, and the Quantity Funded, if any. Start Date and End Date can be entered.

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