Business Loans for Small Government Contractors

Small government contractors face many challenges to include regulatory compliance, tough standards for contract performance, and the necessity to fund payroll. It is not uncommon for a small government contractor to be awarded a large contract that literally doubles the size of their company. Suddenly, faced with a much larger payroll, it can be challenging to fund your payroll and other operating expenses while you wait for invoice payments from the federal government. The federal government may not pay you for 1 -2 months. Making payroll in the meantime can be challenging if you are rapidly growing your business.

How We Can Help

Govcon Accountants can help you obtain working capital financing in several ways. First and foremost, we are an accounting firm and can assist you in preparing financial statements and responding to due diligence requests. We also have an extensive network of lenders that work with small government contractors. We'll help you find a lender that fits your financial circumstances. If you have been turned down by traditional banks, like many small government contractors you may need to work with non-bank lenders for the early phases of your company's growth. We have an extensive network of non-bank lenders.

Up To $1,000,000 in Financing or More

Depending on your financials and financial prospects, our lenders are able to lend up to $1,000,000 or more. If you engage us to find a lender, we'll make our best effort to obtain at least three competitive term sheets for you to consider. You'll have complete visibility into fees and rates so that you can make an optimal decision for your company.


Govcon Accountants complies with all federal and state regulations regarding lending and securities laws. Govcon Accountants is exempt from registration as a broker-dealer and is not involved in the sale of securities. Any fees charged to clients by Govcon Accountants is based on an hourly rate and is not contingent on the size of financing obtained, if any. Loans are made only to small, privately-held businesses and lenders may secure the loans by assignment of the company's accounts receivable, or by liens on other company assets.

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